easyPROTECT Auto

easyPROTECT Auto

Our easyPROTECTAuto insurance covers cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Some of the exclusive benefits you’ll get with us:


Bonus Malus Protection

No penalty (malus) ever in the event of a Casco claim, with the Performance Package.


A joker in the absence of a Casco claim within the last 3 years, with the Comfort Package.


24/7 Assistance

With the Top Assistance guarantee, you benefit from a breakdown service, passenger assistance and a replacement car 24/7 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as in all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway.

Our Services include:

  • Towing following an accident
  • Repatriation
  • Passenger assistance
  • Replacement car, up to 36 days
  • Transmission of messages
  • Easy online claims or damage report


Coverage of Damages to Vehicule

  • Repair of damage caused by martens and weasels.
  • Damage caused to tyres, even in the case of vandalism.
  • Contribution towards engine repair costs in the event of a fuel error.
  • Restoration of airbag and repair of damage caused directly by airbag.
  • Theft (homejacking, carjacking, replacement of wheels, tyres, hubcaps, keys and locks, repair of antitheft system).
  • Glass breakage (Repair or replacement of windscreen, headlights and vignettes, collision with roaming or wild animals, forces of nature: storm, hail, flooding).
  • Direct handling of repair invoice.

The Performance Package also includes: Plus Repair (additional compensation for a vehicle deemed uneconomic to repair).


Replacement Vehicule

The “ Comfort ” and “ Performance ” formulas, will provide you with a replacement vehicle to ensure your mobility after an accident. With a replacement duration of up to 36 days.

Additionally, you can choose the “Superior category vehicle” cover extension, which will provide you with a replacement vehicle that meets your comfort requirements.


Civil Liability & Legal Protection

Did you know? With conventional Civil Liability Car insurances, the conducter him-or herself is not even insured.

Our “ Driver Cover ” and “Personal Accident Cover – Death, Invalidity, Medical Fees” are therefore essential complements: they address this shortcoming.

It covers:

  • Treatment fees,
  • Medical care,
  • Loss of income in the event of an incapacity to work, invalidity or even death.


Direct Handling

We are there when you need us. No time wasted. We offer direct handling of repair invoices.

You won’t pay deductibles in the event of a covered claim. No excess for young drivers, if indicated as drivers in the contract.


“From Basic coverage to Perfomance insurance – we will find the perfect protection for your needs.”


Sven Hofmann, Insure You

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